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Specialty Services
Specialty Services & Projects include:
  1. Custom Software
  2. Data Management
  3. Business & Marketing Consulting
  4. Life Insurance
  5. Medicare Supplements
  6. Business Funding
  7. Health & Wellness
  • Website Design
  • ✅ Custom Designed, No Templates Used
  • ✅ 100% American. Not Sent Out To Foreign Workers
  • ✅ One-on-One Personalized Support (We're not a big company)
  • ✅ We Use Our Own Private Servers (Website, Email, Database)
  • ✅ Mobile Friendly
  • ✅ Android & iOs Apps Available
  • ✅ New or Upgrade Websites
  • ✅ Simple or Complex Websites
  • ✅ Public-Admin-Member-Private webpages
  • ✅ eCommerce, SSL, Databases
  • Custom Logo Design
  • ✅ Graphic Design & Branding
  • ✅ Review Multiple Logo Designs
  • ✅ 100% Royalty Free
  • ✅ You Own The Design
  • Website Marketing (SEO & Social Media)
  • ✅ Page ONE on Google
  • ✅ Cost Effective Google Ads
  • ✅ Facebook Ads
  • ✅ LinkedIn Ads
  • ✅ Targeted Demographics
  • ✅ Targeted Areas (even down to street level)
  • ✅ Email Marketing
  • Custom Explainer Videos
  • ✅ Affordable
  • ✅ 100% Royalty Free
  • ✅ You Own The Video
  • Leads
  • ✅ Exclusive Lead Generation
  • ✅ Telephone Agents
  • ✅ We'll Call Your Leads
  • ✅ Live Phone Transfers
  • ✅ Lists (New & Aged)
  • ✅ Visit The Lead Guy

Life & Term Insurance - Do-It-Yourself Quotes

Life & Term Insurance - Do-It-Yourself Quotes Life & Term Insurance - Skip The Agent!

Medicare Insurance Explained On A Postcard

Medicare Insurance on a Postcard Medicare Insurance on a Postcard

GO MOBILE with Custom App & Software

Business Funding

Business Funding Business Funding

Personal Credit Boost

Personal Credit Boost Personal Credit Boost

Sales Leads Generation

Sales Leads Generation Sales Leads Generation

ProAlerts Personal GPS Safety Alert System

ProAlerts Personal GPS Safety Alert System

ProMaps Pre-Emergency Planning Made Easy

ProMaps Pre-Emergency Planning Made Easy

Real Time Stocks P&L Demo

Real Time Stocks P&L Real Time Stocks P&L

Custom CRM

Health & Wellness -

What if you could get the same (or better) results from your Keto diet WITHOUT the restrictive eating? Did you know you do NOT have to restrict your daily carbs to 20-50g per day?

No Carb Counting!
No Restrictive Diet
Nothing To Buy
Well, it's TRUE!

Covid Early Home Treatment

Learn about
  • Making your own personalized home treatment plan
  • Guidance from doctors
  • What kind of drugs to use?
  • Where to get your drugs
  • How to find support from doctors
  • What to expect
  • Stay home? Urgent Care? Hospital?
  • Finding the truth in spite of fake news, big tech, big pharma
  • Connecting with others
This website is what every government website should be. Free, uncensored information. Exchanging ideas & treatments that work. Free flowing information from all sides. Healthy lifestyle choices, statistics from everywhere, experienced doctors who use every tool. protocol and medicine to help others.

Instead, we get tyranical power hungry, money grabbing idiots who just say vax-vax-boost while they line their pockets with money.

Specialty Projects

  • Databases & Data Management
  • Spreadsheets, Flat Files, Custom Data
  • Mobile Apps
  • Special Projects

About Mike Combe

My name is Mike Combe.
I am an entrepreneur with many interests.

From my corporate business duties as an application & sales engineer I saw the need for easy to use software programs so I started my custom software programming business.

Seeing the “active shooter” situations in the news I created the ProMaps and ProAlerts apps to help with Pre-Emergency Planning for Police, Fire, Schools and Businesses. The ProAlerts is also a stand-alone app for Personal GPS Safety Alerts.

I also notice the need for small businesses who need more funding to expand their business. In addition to that I saw the need for personal credit building.

Expanding any business requires quality sales leads so I built an exclusive sales leads generation system.

Life insurance is always a concern for proper financial planning so I created a website to help people navigate through the confusion & lies of predator insurance agents. Medicare insurance is equally confusing so I created the Medicare on a Postcard website.

All of these projects manifested from my personal experience of trying to get the right thing and the most effective and affordable prices. I am extending my experience and resources to help you as you need it. Feel free to reach out to me personally.

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